12/20/16 Show feat. Matt Grobis on scientist-public relations + 2016 in review


Featured image: Famed science advocate Bill Nye debates creationist Ken Ham on evolution in one of the most watched scientific debates in recent memory. (Courtesy NBC)

In this final show of the year, Matt Grobis (a regular guest and graduate student in EEB) comes on to talk through the urgent topic of public outreach by scientists. In a media landscape where evidence doesn’t always count, how can scientists defend their research to taxpayers and the government? Can we accurately gauge public understanding of science, and whether the public is divided over our research? Finally, we contemplate echo chambers in society and the accusation that the scientific community itself is an echo chamber.

On top of that, listen for yogurt science, holiday/science events, and an overview of some of this year’s biggest discoveries: from gravity waves to the superparticle that wasn’t, to new prime numbers, planets and moons.

Thanks for listening to These Vibes Are Too Cosmic all through 2016! It’s our goal to keep up the quality science news and entertainment through the exciting discoveries of 2017. Never hesitate to contact us with show ideas if you have them!

For further information:

The playlist for the show is online at WPRB.com or below.



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