11/26/15 Radio Show. Just music again.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, fine listeners. Just music again this week. Stay tuned for next weeks show where I discuss malaria, immunology, and access to medicine with an esteemed guest.

Artist Song Album Label
Ambulars We’re Golden Dreamers asleep at the wheel salinas
Fastbacks Run no more The question is no sub-pop
The Julie Run Oh Come On Run Fast TJR Records
Martha Bubble in my bloodstream Courting strong salinas
Nap Eyes Tribal Thoughts Whine of the mystic paradise of bachelors
La Femme Amour dans le motu Psycho tropical berlin disque pointu
JB Smith Drop ’em down together No more good time in the world for me dust to digital
Guantanamo Baywatch Barbacoa Chest Crawl Dirtnap Records
mic break
Girlpool Love Sick girlpool witchita
heavens to betsy stay away calculated kill rock stars
Bully trying feels like columbia
LVL UP Primordial Heat Hoodwink’d exploding in sound
GLOSS Targets of men DEMO s/r
Hemlines The Bear Sounds like love https://soundslikelovedc.bandcamp.com/
The Makers Modern Day Freak The sore losers sympathy for the record industry
The Cramps Oowee Baby Fiends of dope island vengeance records
mic break
Bikini Kill Feels blind Kill rock stars kill rock stars
Dogs on acid Let the bombs fall off dogs on acid jade tree
Tijuana Panthers NOBO Wayne Interest innovative leisure
Julie Doiron Spill yer lungs I can wonder what you did with your day jagjaguwar
Weezer why bother? pinkerton geffen records
Mitski last words of a shooting star – live mitski live on audiotree audiotree/mitski
US Girls damn that valley Half free 4AD
Ethiocolor ayana woga ethiocolor selam
Paul Simon I know what I know graceland – 25th anniversary edition sony
Jackson C Frank Blues run the game Jackson C Frank sanctuary records
mic break
Savages The Answer the answer matador
Krill Theme from krill lucky leaves s/r


11/19/15 Radio Show. Just me, music, and talking in to the mic about the universe.

Aired on WPRB 103.3 FM from 2 to 4am on Thursday, November 19, 2015.

I’ve been doing a lot of interviews, but this one is just me, some music, and some chat about Enceladus (moon of Jupiter that’s getting scientists all excited) and sound waves in the early universe. Because yolo.

I talk a lot about Enceladus and why it’s such a promising moon for us to study. It turns out that there’s geothermal activity! Geysers and volcanoes and stuff! This is due to tidal effects with a bigger moon nearby – Dione.

Additionally, during a later mic break I discuss Baryon Acoustic Oscillations – these are sound waves in the early universe that pushed matter around and greatly affected the distribution of galaxies and galaxy clusters in our universe.

Nasa image of Saturn’s moons and rings. Cassini mission.
Enceladus and Dione – NASA image, Cassini mission.


Full Playlist:

Artist Song Album Label
The Dixie Cups Iko Iko Chapel of Love Sun Entertainment Corp
Hemlines Fixate/Animate All your homes – EP DZ TAPES
G.L.O.S.S. Outcast Stomp DEMO s/r
Son Lux Easy Lanterns Joyful Noise Recordings
St. Vincent Digital Witness St Vincent Seven Four Entertainment
Shopping 1 2 3 4 5 Why Choose Fat Cat
White Reaper Make Me Wanna Die White Reaper Does it Again Polyvinyl Records
Courtney Barnett Ode to Odetta The Double Ep: A sea of split peas Mom+pop
Odetta Maybe she go Odetta (7 original albums) Salt & Pepper
Jack + Eliza Simple Strait Gentle Warnings Yebo Music
LVL UP DBTS Hoodwink’d Exploding in Sound
Ibeyi Eleggua (Intro) Ibeyi XL Recordings Limited
Michael Kiwanuka Home again Home again Polydor Records
Dirty Projectors Impregnable Questions Swing Lo Magellan Domino Recording
Nina Simone Aint got no – I got life The Essential Nina Simone Sony
Viet Cong Unconscious Melody “Cassette” Kemado Records
BRNDA New York Jets Sounds like love compilation soundslikelovedc.bandcamp.com
Arm Candy Lounge Lizard Arm Candy Tye Die Tapes
Ricky Nelson That’s alright mama The complete epic recordings Epic records
Together Pangea Badillac Badillac Harvest Records
Honduras Borders Morality Cuts Black Bell Records
Future Punx Manhattan Loverboy This is post-wave Dull tools
Cherry Glazerr Had Ten Dollaz Had Ten Dollaz Suicide Squeeze
Daddy Issues Unicorns & Rainbows Can we still hang? Infinity Cat Recordings
The Garden Vexation Haha Burger
Willis Earl Beal Wavering Lines Nobody Knows. HXC/XL
Harry Belefonte Midnight Special The essential Harry Belefonte Sony
Brand New Not the Sun The devil and god are raging inside me Interscope Records

11/12/15 Radio Show feat. Quinn Gibson on Crystals, Semiconductors, and Solid State Chemistry

Quinn Gibson is a doctoral candidate in chemistry here at Princeton University where he works in a solid state chemistry group, the CavaLab. From what I gather, they’re all about looking for materials with new and interesting properties. First they make predictions based on physics and chemistry, then they synthesize the materials — metal crystals — and characterize them. In their lab, one edict is “don’t be a baby about blowing stuff up.” So, kids. If you want to blow stuff up without living a life of crime, chemistry may be for you.

Just how the invention of the transistor has revolutionized every aspect of our lives, the new materials that Quinn creates, like these weird things called topological insulators, could change everything. He explains it all right here in this show.

Also check out Quinn’s music at qfolk.bandcamp.com. We play a couple tunes on the air and he tells us how they came about.

P.S. Check out Jack on Fire’s new songs on their soundcloud (this show features the excellent tune, Beat the Rich)!

The featured image is from a scanning tunneling microscope. It’s used to image the surface of a 3D topological insulator in order to better get at its properties. From:  http://wwwphy.princeton.edu/~yazdaniweb/

Artist Song Album Label
Chumped Hot 97 Summer Jam Teenage Retirement Anchorless Records
Taco Cat Psychadelic Quincinera NVM Hardly Art
Renny Wilson Juke Box Hero Punk Explosion/Extension Mint records
Best Coast Last Year The Only Place Kemado Records
Mbongwana Star Coco Blues From Kinshasa Nonesuch
Interview with Quinn Gibson Solid State Chemistry
Torres Honey Torres SR
State Lines Water Song For the Boats Tiny Engines
The Lookouts Once Upon a Time Spy Rock Road Don Giovanni
Jack on Fire Beat the Rich N/A https://soundcloud.com/jackonfiredc
Boogarins 6000 Dias Manual Other Music
Interview with Quinn Gibson Solid State Chemistry
Qfolk Eloquence Songs I wrote qfolk.bandcamp.com
Qfolk When they came Songs I wrote qfolk.bandcamp.com
White Lung In Your Home Deep Fantasy Domino Records
Blackbird Raum Silent Spring Blackbird Raum SR
World/Inferno Friendship Society The Packed Funeral The Packed Funeral Alternative Tentacles
Interview with Quinn Gibson
Mika Miko Take it serious CYSLABF Kill Rock Stars
Black Breath Fallen Heavy Breathing Southern Lord Recordings
Mitski I don’t Smoke bury me at makeout creek Don Giovanni
Reviver Antennas Versificator Exigent
Mischief Brew Gimme Coffee, or Death Songs from Under the Sink Fistolo Records

11/5/15 Radio Show feat. Elizabeth Davison and Anastasia Quintana on the Power of Networks

Elizabeth Davison is a graduate student in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering here at Princeton University where she studies the capability of using networks to measure the processes in our brain. We speak generally on what a network is, what are neural networks vs. “a network of neurons”, and her work specifically, then we broaden to applications.

Next, with Tasha Quintana, doctoral candidate at the Nicholas School of Environment at Duke University, we discuss one powerful application of networks — information sharing in fisheries in Baja California. Then we go on to discuss work to broaden successful networks in Baja to larger networks, like the environment we all share.

For more information on this fascinating topic, Elizabeth Davison recommends:

Another beautiful representation of networks and information flow. This image is a network of information flow in the sciences through citations. Follow the link and you can click on different portions of the ring to see how certain fields have a lot of interactions, as well as looking at the data journal-by-journal.
From well-formed.eigenfactor.org, this beautiful image tracks information flow in the sciences by following citations in journal articles.
Additionally, we got some music in! Here’s what we played:
Artist Song Album Label
The Descendants Myage Milo Goes to College Cesstone Music
Aye Nako Killswitch The Blackest Eye Don Giovanni
Ethiocolor Helle Loyo Helle Ioha S/T Selam
Mika Miko Business Cats CYSABF Kill Rock Stars
Interview with Liz Davison, Part 1 Networks
Young Fathers I heard Tape 2 Just isnt music
GLOSS Masculine Artifice Demo S/R
Shopping No Show Why Choose FatCat
Adam Miller Death Row Democracy http://www.adammillerdrums.com/#!beats/ctd9 S/R
Stromae quand c’est Racine Carree Mosaert
Interview with Liz Davison, Part 2 Networks
Pens Love Rules Love Rules/You only like me when I’m telling you I’m wrong De Stijl Records
Palehound Dixie Dry Food Exploding in Sounds Records
Speedy Ortiz No Below Major Arcana Carpark Records
Lord Nelson Shengo West Indies Funk Vol 3 Voodoo Jazz
Mischief Brew Coffee, God, and Cigarettes Songs from Under the Sink Fistolo Records
Interview with Tasha Quintana, Part 1 Fisheries as networks
Stone Foxes Stomp Bears & Bulls Boonie Blues
My Morning Jacket Rocket Man Chapter 1: The Sandworm Cometh Darla Records
Interview with Tasha Quintana, Part 2 Fisheries as networks
(The featured image for this post is from “World-airline-routemap-2009” by Jpatokal – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Fi…)