11/12/15 Radio Show feat. Quinn Gibson on Crystals, Semiconductors, and Solid State Chemistry

Quinn Gibson is a doctoral candidate in chemistry here at Princeton University where he works in a solid state chemistry group, the CavaLab. From what I gather, they’re all about looking for materials with new and interesting properties. First they make predictions based on physics and chemistry, then they synthesize the materials — metal crystals — and characterize them. In their lab, one edict is “don’t be a baby about blowing stuff up.” So, kids. If you want to blow stuff up without living a life of crime, chemistry may be for you.

Just how the invention of the transistor has revolutionized every aspect of our lives, the new materials that Quinn creates, like these weird things called topological insulators, could change everything. He explains it all right here in this show.

Also check out Quinn’s music at qfolk.bandcamp.com. We play a couple tunes on the air and he tells us how they came about.

P.S. Check out Jack on Fire’s new songs on their soundcloud (this show features the excellent tune, Beat the Rich)!

The featured image is from a scanning tunneling microscope. It’s used to image the surface of a 3D topological insulator in order to better get at its properties. From:  http://wwwphy.princeton.edu/~yazdaniweb/

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Taco Cat Psychadelic Quincinera NVM Hardly Art
Renny Wilson Juke Box Hero Punk Explosion/Extension Mint records
Best Coast Last Year The Only Place Kemado Records
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Interview with Quinn Gibson Solid State Chemistry
Torres Honey Torres SR
State Lines Water Song For the Boats Tiny Engines
The Lookouts Once Upon a Time Spy Rock Road Don Giovanni
Jack on Fire Beat the Rich N/A https://soundcloud.com/jackonfiredc
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Interview with Quinn Gibson Solid State Chemistry
Qfolk Eloquence Songs I wrote qfolk.bandcamp.com
Qfolk When they came Songs I wrote qfolk.bandcamp.com
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Interview with Quinn Gibson
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