11/5/15 Radio Show feat. Elizabeth Davison and Anastasia Quintana on the Power of Networks

Elizabeth Davison is a graduate student in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering here at Princeton University where she studies the capability of using networks to measure the processes in our brain. We speak generally on what a network is, what are neural networks vs. “a network of neurons”, and her work specifically, then we broaden to applications.

Next, with Tasha Quintana, doctoral candidate at the Nicholas School of Environment at Duke University, we discuss one powerful application of networks — information sharing in fisheries in Baja California. Then we go on to discuss work to broaden successful networks in Baja to larger networks, like the environment we all share.

For more information on this fascinating topic, Elizabeth Davison recommends:

Another beautiful representation of networks and information flow. This image is a network of information flow in the sciences through citations. Follow the link and you can click on different portions of the ring to see how certain fields have a lot of interactions, as well as looking at the data journal-by-journal.
From well-formed.eigenfactor.org, this beautiful image tracks information flow in the sciences by following citations in journal articles.
Additionally, we got some music in! Here’s what we played:
Artist Song Album Label
The Descendants Myage Milo Goes to College Cesstone Music
Aye Nako Killswitch The Blackest Eye Don Giovanni
Ethiocolor Helle Loyo Helle Ioha S/T Selam
Mika Miko Business Cats CYSABF Kill Rock Stars
Interview with Liz Davison, Part 1 Networks
Young Fathers I heard Tape 2 Just isnt music
GLOSS Masculine Artifice Demo S/R
Shopping No Show Why Choose FatCat
Adam Miller Death Row Democracy http://www.adammillerdrums.com/#!beats/ctd9 S/R
Stromae quand c’est Racine Carree Mosaert
Interview with Liz Davison, Part 2 Networks
Pens Love Rules Love Rules/You only like me when I’m telling you I’m wrong De Stijl Records
Palehound Dixie Dry Food Exploding in Sounds Records
Speedy Ortiz No Below Major Arcana Carpark Records
Lord Nelson Shengo West Indies Funk Vol 3 Voodoo Jazz
Mischief Brew Coffee, God, and Cigarettes Songs from Under the Sink Fistolo Records
Interview with Tasha Quintana, Part 1 Fisheries as networks
Stone Foxes Stomp Bears & Bulls Boonie Blues
My Morning Jacket Rocket Man Chapter 1: The Sandworm Cometh Darla Records
Interview with Tasha Quintana, Part 2 Fisheries as networks
(The featured image for this post is from “World-airline-routemap-2009” by Jpatokal – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Fi…)

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