12/10/15 Show Discussing Big Science with Guest Co-Host Brian Kraus, Plasma Physicist

Image courtesy of NRAO/AUI
(Featured image above is of the Very Large Array telescopes. Image from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.)

In this show Brian and I discuss what’s called “Big Science.” What we mean when we use that descriptor, and some of the amazing examples across the science fields including satellites to undersea observatories to particle colliders and fusion reactors. We also discuss some of the overwhelming obstacles to big science — from funding to choosing a project a whole field agrees on to getting thousands of scientists across the world to collaborate smoothly. There are positive and less so examples of these, and we mention several. Additionally, we dig a little bit in to how we got here. How big science projects became necessary, when they weren’t just decades prior.

And interweaved with all of that is, as always, music.

Discussion begins at about 3 minutes in.

(Cover image of the recording is from the ALICE experiment (one of the four detectors at interaction points in the Large Hadron Collider) at CERN.)

Some mentions during the show:

Playlist below:

Artist Song Album Label
The Tuts Christmas is in the air Have Faith with Kate Nash This Christmas 10p Records
Intro (3:00)
Mourn Otitis Mourn Captured tracks
Sally ford and the sound outside They told me Untamed Beast Partisan Records
Courtney Barnett Shivers Blue Series Third man records
Dark Dark Dark In your dreams Wild go Supply and Demand
Mic break 1 Big science
Chastity Belt Seattle Party No Regrets Help yourself
Shopping No show Why Choose fat cat
Grimes SCREAM (feat. Aristophanes) Art Angels 4AD records
Skating Polly Ugly Fuzz Steilacoom Chap Stereo
Mic break 2 Big science
Dan Aurebach The Prowl Keep it hid V2 Records
MOTO Gagging on the Edge of Love Ampeg Stud / Motoerectus Motopac
Beat Happening Indian Summer Indian Summer 7″ Domino
Wreckless Eric Whole Wide World Greatest Stiffs Stiff Records
Mic break 3 Big science
Wolf Eyes T.O.D.D. I am a problem: mind in pieces Third man records


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