9/13/16 Show feat. Charles Swanson on rockets and space travel + Adam Sliwinski of So Percussion


Featured image: The interstage of a Saturn V rocket falls into the Atlantic, detaching to save on mass and enable further travel in space. Taken on the Apollo 6 mission by NASA.

We welcome Charles Swanson, Princeton PhD candidate in plasma physics, back to the show for a journey into the science of rockets: how expensive is it to travel around our

A delta-V map for our solar system, indicating how big a rocket you’d need to go to any nearby planet.

solar system? What makes rockets with high exhaust velocity better than high-thrust rockets? How hard is it to go to Mars? Also featuring Adam Sliwinski of So Percussion on being an ensemble-in-residence and making music out of cacti, the westerly winds of ancient Tibet, and the life cycles of stars.

For more information, check out:

The playlist is available on WPRB.com or below.

Screenshot from 2016-09-13 22-37-46.png

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