1/21/16 Show. All About the Atmosphere with sub DJ Brian Kraus

This week, Brian Kraus subs again for These Vibes are Too Cosmic in a live-radio, middle-of-the-night special. The science topic is the Earth’s atmosphere, with all its layers and

BW weather balloon
A weather balloon being released for transit. Credit: US Navy. Found at kids.britannica.com


First he talks about the regions you might encounter climbing up into space, from the troposphere–our watery, weathery home–to the exosphere, where space weather from the Sun interacts with our satellites.
Then, the focus moves to the stratosphere, which protects us from dangerous UV radiation: it’s a battle between ozone and chlorofluorocarbons/volcanoes, where our climate hangs in the balance! Big science again comes into play, with hordes of satellites and weather balloons taking regular measurements so we stay informed.
Finally, Brian goes into depth about weather balloons (which you can buy yourself!). How do we make weather balloons? How do we recover them when they all inevitably pop? And what scientific instruments are used to keep track of temperature and pressure as they float up into the stratosphere? I close with a public service announcement: if you find a downed weather balloon, you should follow its instructions and mail it back to the National Weather Service for analysis.

Artist Song Album Label Comments
Lillian Leach and The Mellows Sweet Lorraine Golden Groups: Volume 4 Relic 1956
Intro: The Atmosphere Show!
Tatsuya Nakatani Track 1 Gong Nakatani-Kobo 2015
We Are the Arm Jazz Bulb We Are the Arm Cares! Achord 2006
Wimps Old Guy Suitcase Kill Rock Stars 2015
The Netherlands Chamber Choir Te Deum Laudamus Aspects of Chamber Music from the Netherlands Centre Netherlands Music 1987
A little bit about space weather
Johnie Lewis Hobo Blues Alabama Slide Guitar Arhoole 1971
Gaunt Sad Song Cowtown EP Datapanik 1993
Sex Tide Are You Even Alive? Vernacular Splatter Superdreamer 2016
Rosa Ensemble Sera Paul Temos Troubling for Sugar NM Classics 2001
Ozone in the Stratosphere
Teenage Cool Kids Landlocked State Denton After Sunset Dull Tools 2011
T-Bone Walker, Joe Turner, and Otis Spann Paris Blues Super Black Blues Bluestime 1971
Royal Rasses Unconventional People Humanity United Artists 1979
Grimes Venus Fly Art Angels 4AD 2015
Weather balloons–you can buy one!
Misha Feigin and Steve Good A Chinese Clicking Duck Music in 5 Parts State of the Union EMF 2001
Manatees On the Run Croc N My Pocket 12XU 2015
Four Gods Enchanted House 7″ Manufactured Recordings 1981 (re-issue 2015)
Wailing Souls No Big Thing Lay It on the Line Live & Learn 1986
Phill Niblock Early Winter Music by Phill Niblock Experimental Intermedia 1993


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