Cosmology, Astronomy, and the Oldest Light in the Universe (Interview with Dr. Renée Hlozek, Princeton University)

The Mixcloud embed isn’t working at the moment, so you can find the audio here. (WordPress is a fickle, but free, beast.)

This was a weird thing for me to do – interview a cosmologist – because I’m a cosmologist. I tried to ask her questions to get her to explain what we do and why we do it. For your perusal, this is part 1 of out interview:

Extra links:

The electromagnetic spectrum. Notice that red light has a longer wavelength than blue.

The dashes are the polarization directions (the color is the intensity).^^ Polarization of the CMB from the BICEP2 results last year (primarily due to the CMB light filtering through dust in our galaxy before it reaches out telescopes).